Palm Desert

Photographing Rattlesnakes at the Living Desert

This spring I hosted a meetup at the Living Desert in Palm Desert. The weather had been mild to that point so wasn’t expecting the 90+ degree temperatures that Palm Desert was offering.

By mid-day we were looking for a cooler location to hang out and decided to tour the Reptile House. Reptile houses are not usually my favorite location for photography due to the low light and subjects behind reflective glass. Not to mention the subjects are usually not moving…so I was a bit surprised to turn the corner and be face to face with a rattlesnake crawling up the glass

Living Desert_20190413_0240_20190407_121307.jpg

I changed my camera settings due to the low light to the point the area in focus is very small. Actually too small really, but I’ll claim artistic license 😉

The two Southern Pacific and Western Diamondback were very active and on the move. I had fun with the reflections which you view by scrolling through the gallery below

After watching how actives these snakes were and being really glad they were behind glass, it was a bit unnerving to leave the reptile house only to be faced with this sign..

Living Desert_20190407_0302_20190407_123726.jpg

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